Wet Weather Camping Tips

by Kade 2. February 2008 23:02
Punxsutawney Phil says there are still six weeks of winter. If you are into winter sports this may be great news for you. For those of you who want the warm weather, now is a great time to start getting ready for your first spring campout.

Spring camping often brings with it wet weather and mud. Here are a few tips to think about as you prepare for an enjoyable spring campout:
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  2. Make sure your tent is still waterproof. It is always a good idea to check your gear after storing for long periods of time. You never know what kind of animal may have found your gear during the winter. A garden hose is great for testing if a tent is still waterproof and your children may enjoy an excuse to hose down the tent.
  3. If possible, design a mud room for your tent. Some tents have mud rooms sewn right onto them, but if you are not fortunate enough to have one of these you may want to use a tarp or other plastic covering to create one. Use this room for putting on and taking off shoes and boots to avoid tracking mud into sleeping quarters.
  4. Make sure your pack, duffel bag, or backpack is away from areas that may get wet during a rainstorm. Nothing is worse than having all of your clothing soaked. I have even seen some people use 5 gallon buckets with lids for packing clothes during wet weather to waterproof their gear.
  5. Use a ground cloth underneath your tent, but make sure the tent covers the entire ground cloth. Otherwise the ground cloth will work as a funnel and collect a puddle under your tent.
  6. Bring games that can be played inside of a tent. This will make the time pass while it’s raining outside and can be a lot of fun.
  7. Do not pitch your tent in a gully. Survey the land of your campsite and determine where water is going to build up. These spots are where you do not want to pitch.
  8. Pack meals that do not need to be cooked on a camp stove. This will allow you to stay out of the rain while you eat and prepare meals. If you must cook, bring some kind of dining fly to cook under.

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