A consuming society

by Kade 28. March 2008 23:09

Backcountry Secrets has been running on the web now for almost 2 years. I finally feel like the site is starting to get to the point I envisioned it may one day reach. The only problem to date, the web site has too many consumers and not enough producers.

I think I have the solution, a simple requirement. From now on, we are going to require users to submit one point before they can read the details of the hundreds of other points available. I figure it is a small thing to ask for. We've all been told that nothing in life is really ever "Free". Well, this is the price we are asking our users to pay. I figure it's better than $5.95 a month.

Guess we'll have to watch and see if it works or not. Hopefully everyone is not too selfish and they'll share some basic points.

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