Shaking Thing Ups

by Kade 26. February 2009 23:51
The other night I was watching TV and saw a commercial for Bisquick's new Shake and Pour pancake batter. I thought to myself, "Wow, now that's something a camper can appreciate!"

When I go camping the thing I hate the most is cleaning up after making pancakes. With this new item you can just add water, shake, and pour out the pancake batter. No more mess from stirring too fast. When the bottle is empty, you throw it it in the trash, or recycle bin if you are watching your carbon footprint.

Not only does this make it easier to clean up, but now the kids can "help" make breakfast. I love finding things to help wear out my children, or at least something for them to do so I'm not multitasking by making breakfast and making sure they aren't getting in to something they shouldn't.

My bet is that this bottle of pancake mix is a little over-priced. Easy enough, just get your own bottle with a cap, pour in the pancake mix, add water when you get to camp and start shaking things up.

Who knows what they'll come up next? Maybe shake up soda pop.

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Dri Duck Trail Vest

by Kade 25. February 2009 23:49
I recently received a Dri Duck Trail 5035 as a gift. This was the first time I have ever owned a vest to keep warm. At first I was VERY skeptical as to whether or not this vest would work.

I started wearing it around the house to see if it really would work before I wore it outside. I was really surprised as to how warm it helped me stay.
Then came my big test. I was going to wear it outside in 15 degree weather with a light jacket underneath. My children wanted me to help them build a snow fort, so I threw this on thinking that I wouldn't be far from home if I got cold and I could go put on my winter coat.

Not only did this keep me warm, but it allowed me a lot more mobility than my winter coat ever has. I LOVE my new Dri Duck vest. It's great for working in, keeps me warm and actually is quite fashionable. I can wear it to town and my wife isn't embarrased. Not only that, who doesn't love the name Dri Duck? It's like Ernie from Sesame Streets dream company. One that makes outdoor gear that can be used away from the bathtub.

The pockets are nice and large. The vest is made from canvas and has a heavy duty zipper. The "cell phone" pocket works out well for holding my GPS unit. It would also be great for fishing lures and other tackle.

I am going to love using this jacket for camping for many years to come. I always hate when I'm camping and gathering firewood and my coat's arms get all sweaty. With this vest that just isn't going to happen.

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