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by Kade 10. June 2010 22:45

We have had a fan page on Backcountry Secrets for about a year now for all of those who enjoy following the new recreation points we add to the site.  Everytime a new point is added, we post the point and where it is located to help our fans find new places to play outdoors.  It's been fun to see who is following the site and to be able to share great deals on outdoor gear that we find.  In the near future, Backcountry Secrets will feature it's own outdoor gear store and as we have sales, we will post this to our fan page.

We are nearing 1000 fans and consider this quite the mile marker for our fan page.  If you're not a fan yet, become one today! Backcountry Secrets Fan Page


Cave Falls Yellowstone Caved In

by Kade 7. June 2010 21:50

I took a trip with my Father and two sons this weekend to Cave Falls in Yellowstone.  The weather wasn't the best, but the waterfall was awesome.  There was a TON of water flowing over the falls. 

Cave Falls gets it's name from the cave that used to be next to the falls.  The cave is thought to have caved in sometime around February 2008.  The area where the cave used to be is now just a huge pile of rocks and there is a small outcropping in the cliff.  However, the trail is closed off so you can no longer get over to the area.

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