Rock Climbing at Elephant Rock

by Kade 13. July 2010 12:22

I recently had the opportunity to go rock climbing for the first time in my life. All I have to say is rock climbing is an addictive sport.  My family and I went to Elephant Rock, which is a local social climbing location, just to watch some people rock climb.  While we were sitting there watching people fly up the side of the rock, a guy who was also sitting at the bottom of the rock noticed us watching and asked if any of my children wanted to try it.  My oldest son said he would like to try.  After he tried it, both of my girls wanted to climb.  They all seem to enjoy it quite a bit.

When my children were done climbing, he asked if I wanted to try.  I jumped at the chance because I have wanted to try rock climbing for a long time.

Elephant Rock seemed to be a really good place to learn rock climbing.  The route I climbed was not too difficult, but it was still challenging enough to give me a feel for the sport.  There were several climbs all around the rock.  Some of which appeared to be much more difficult than the beginners route I took.  I am now much more interested in picking up rock climbing as one of my hobbies.  Thanks Vinay!



Unswamping a Canoe Solo Style

by Kade 10. July 2010 18:39

Sticking with my canoeing theme this week, I decided to record a "how to" video while at Rigby Lake last night.  This is just a quick video that shows how to unswamp your canoe alone once you are to shore. 

Had the camera run longer you would have been able to see me slip and almost fall in the lake.  Too bad the camera was shut off too soon because it really was funny. 



Star Wars Kid Canoe

by Kade 9. July 2010 14:14

This video was sent to me in response to yesterday's post about canoeing over waterfalls.  It's labeled canoe, but looks like a kayaking contest to me. That kid is skilled in so many things!

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How Not To Go Over a Waterfall in a Canoe

by Kade 7. July 2010 21:08

This is a good example as to how not to go over a "waterfall" in a canoe.  Sorry, but I laughed. You can watch the whole thing, but if you are short on time jump to the 1:40 mark in the video.

Update: The video we originally had posted here is no longer viewable as an embedded video file.  You can still view it on YouTube.

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Cress Creek Nature Trail Hike

by Kade 5. July 2010 21:10

Today I took my family for a little hike to the Cress Creek Nature Trail just east of Idaho Falls, Idaho (Directions to Cress Creek Nature Trail). The temperature was perfect and the views of the valley were great. The Cress Creek Nature Trail is handicap accessible about a third of the way up the trail. It is paved and has small switch backs for wheelchairs. At the end of the pavement the trail turns to gravel for a large loop up the side of the hill with several stations to stop and read information.

The trail is a self-guided lesson about the history of the area, as well as the types of plants that grow in the region. At the beginning of the trail there is a sign that warns hikers of the possibility of meeting a rattlesnake along the trail. I have never seen one from the trail, but do know they are in the area.

Cress Creek gets its name from the watercress that grows in the creek. The creek is fed by some warm springs so the water stays warm enough year round for the watercress to grow and attracts deer, moose, and other animals to the area.

From the top of Cress Creek Nature Trail one can look out over the Snake River valley and see Idaho Falls, Ririe, the Snake River, the Arco Buttes and mountain ranges in the distance if visibility is good.



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