Natural Mosquito Bite Itch Relief

by Kade 9. July 2009 01:44

A couple of nights ago I got a NASTY mosquito bite on my right forearm.  It feels like a bruise when I touch it and is about the size of a silver dollar.  Worst part is that it itches like crazy, but yet it hurts to scratch because of the bruise type feeling. 

This made me think about the few hiking / camping trips I've been on when mosquito's were just horrible and I decided I would set out to find some ways to stop the mosquito bite itch sensation.  Here are a few natural ways that I found that worked for me.  Try some for yourself and let me know how it goes:

  1. Heat or hot water.  This is one that can be used in the backcountry if you get one of these nasty mosquito bites.  Apply heat to the bite, as hot as you can stand.
  2. Ice or cold water.  Interesting how my first suggestion is heat and second is ice.  For some reason, lukewarm just doesn't cut it when it comes to mosquito bite relief.
  3. Rub the bite with a dry bar of soap. Yeah I know weird...
  4. Tea Tree Oil (aka Melaleuca oil.  If you need access to this stuff, let us know and we can hook you up)
  5. Banana Peel that is open.  Rub the opened banana peel over the bit.
  6. A pocket knife.  Bite on a stick and just cut the bite out. Sealed (No, don't really do this.)

Some of these might not work for you and may not work for different mosquito species bites.  Different species cause different reactions.

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Win a Stansport Single Burner Flat Propane Stove

by Kade 3. July 2009 02:32

As part of our new site release, Backcountry Secrets is giving away a Stansport Single Burner Flat Propane Stove.

If you want to win it, Submit a Point to our site between 12:01AM Jul 01 2009, and Midnight September 30, 2009 Mountain Time, have it approved by us and you'll be entered in to the drawing.  A "point" is anywhere to recreate in the outdoors that falls within our categories of outdoor sports.

Stove is made with durable heavy gauge steel with baked on enamel finish. Features: Individual regulator on/off control knob adjusts burner up to 5000 BTU's. Stove to cylinder tube has on/off valve and fits 16.4 oz. disposable propane cylinder (not included). Wind baffles supports cookware and shields burners. Low profile base for stability.

  • Retail Value: $39.99 - For you, maybe FREE!
  • Durable heavy gauge steel with baked on enamel fin
  • 10,000 BTU stainless steel burner
  • Wind baffles supports cookware and shields burners
  • Uses 16.4 oz disposable propane cylinder, not included
  • 7-3/4" x 7-3/4" x 3"

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What's included in the new release?

by Kade 2. July 2009 02:51

I just finalized the update to Backcountry Secrets and wanted to summarize some of the highlights for you.

1.  A new design.  I'm hoping that the new design will bring more attention to the fact that users can update descriptions, submit reviews, upload images, and upload KML files for all of the different outdoor sports.

2.  Outdoor Gear Deal of the Day page.  This page helps users to find great deals on products that are killer deals from major companies such as and more.

3.  KML file support and Google Earth view.  On each of the point detail pages, users who have submitted at least one point will be able to view KML files in a Google Earth type environment.  This feature is great to show the elevation gain of a hike, or directions to a point. This image is of Table Rock Hike and Campground in Wyoming.

Table Rock Wyoming

4.  The site in general just loads faster.  We optimized a lot of the code to help the search pages and detail pages load faster.  The biggest difference will be seen on the search pages.

5.  Flickr images integrated.  We are no longer hosting the images submitted to the site on our own server.  This will allow us to have larger image sizes and share great photos with more people. 

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The blog has moved!

by Kade 30. June 2009 23:59

We made it right in the nick of time.  We uploaded the new blog on June 30 just before midnight.  We are going to have some fun with this new site.  Give us some feedback.  What do you think of the new design?  Any elements we need to add to the site?


Move over Al Gore, Coleman's in town

by Kade 18. May 2009 23:56

I think my favorite "whoops" quote of all-time is from Al Gore, "During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet." Sure I've heard the claims that he wasn't saying he invented the Internet and I've even read's input on it, but he still said what he said and it makes me laugh. I'm not here to pick on slip ups of politicians though - we'd be here for years on that one - I'm here to discuss the great outdoors.

Coleman has a new campaign running with the slogan, "The Coleman Campsite. The original Social Networking Site." You can check it out here. The ad claims that they pretty much invented camping, and pretty much invented social networking because they've been helping people get together and socialize for years. I do have to admit that long before I ever used Facebook or MySpace, I was eating pancakes, bacon, and eggs at Canyon Campground in Yellowstone National Park.

Even though people camped LONG before Coleman was ever around, I do have to say this is a really fun campaign and it's worth watching the videos on it just to enjoy the ugly...I mean the old clothes and hairstyles.

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