Food Ideas for Camping

by Kade 29. May 2011 23:20

Camping has increasingly become a popular option for those looking for a budget vacation, but in order to make the most of it, a few food ideas for when you are camping will make the experience even more enjoyable. Before you set off, make sure you take along a small camping stove and sufficient gas to get you through your trip. The food you take will be defined by whether you can take an ice box, whether you want to take perishable food, and how convenient you need your meals to be.

One food idea that has become increasingly popular with campers is taking along a barbecue. Camping barbecues are available in the form of gas appliances, buckets, and disposable. A simple barbecue is made up of burgers, sausages, and vegetarian options like corn on the cob. Take along buns to place your food in, and any condiments you would usually use at home, such as ketchup and mustard. In order to keep your food fresh you should take an ice box with you to your campsite. Campsite barbecues are also great opportunities to heat up food that you have already prepared at home. If taking an ice box along with you is possible, take dishes like chili con carne and bologna. All pre-prepared dishes should be cooked on a medium heat for 5-10 minutes.

If taking an ice box to your campsite is not feasible, try foods that do not perish fast. Baked potatoes have always been winners when it comes to camping food, and they can be stored in a wide range of temperatures without perishing. By taking a gas stove with you, a pan and some tin foil you can cook your potatoes on a low heat for an hour before eating them. Alternatively, you can bake them before you leave for your trip and spend five minutes heating them when you are there. If you want to make them tastier, take tinned beans or tuna along as well.

Finally, if you want your camping food to be as convenient as possible, take protein and nutrient bars. This is an option that is ideal for those who do not want to carry cooking equipment or heavy loads of food with them. The majority of camping and outdoor gear stores now offer convenience foods that are targeted specifically towards campers, as well as options for storing them. If you want to add a little variety to your convenience food diet while you are away you can always try taking dried fruit and nuts along too.

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Exploring Mount Roraima

by Donna 16. March 2011 08:29

Mount Roraima, a tepui (tabletop mountain) in South America was described for the first time by Walter Raleigh in the late sixteenth century. Part of the Pakaraima Mountains, Mount Roraima rises over 2,800 meters above sea level or 9,220 feet. The amazing rock formation lies amongst cliffs that are approximately 980 feet (or 300 meters) in height, and is the highest peak in the range. Distinguished as the border point for the South American countries of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana, Mount Roraima is one of the natural wonders in Canaima National Park, which is also one of the world’s largest national parks. Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world, is also found in the area and is located about 120 miles from Mount Roraima.

The tepui was the first of its kind to be climbed in 1884, with Sir Everard Ferdinand im Thurn leading the first expedition to the summit. The explorer, who also served as Governor of Fiji, was a botanist and writer as well. Much of the vegetation on the way up to the top is unique to that locale and includes such species as a rare kind of heather, algae, and pitcher plants. However, plants are rare at the top with most of the soil washed of its nutrients due to the daily rain activity.

Only rock-climbing enthusiasts who are well-versed in the activity or hikers who have hired a local guide should attempt to climb the tepui. If you choose to tramp up Mount Roraima, you’ll follow the same path that Sir Everard climbed on the Venezuelan side. The path you’ll follow is a staircase-type of course and can usually be reached in a day with a native guide’s assistance. Again, you’ll no doubt be greeted with rain - the showers creating cascades over the sides of the massive rock. Also, if you plan to trek up the large mesa, you should plan on taking a couple days to return. Spending the night on top of the mountain too will lengthen the journey, so the sojourn and return can take as long as five days. Of course, you can always arrive at the summit by less rigorous means, or take a helicopter instead. Arrangements for this kind of transport can be made in Venezuela in Santa Elena de Uairén.


Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing at Elephant Rock

by Kade 13. July 2010 12:22

I recently had the opportunity to go rock climbing for the first time in my life. All I have to say is rock climbing is an addictive sport.  My family and I went to Elephant Rock, which is a local social climbing location, just to watch some people rock climb.  While we were sitting there watching people fly up the side of the rock, a guy who was also sitting at the bottom of the rock noticed us watching and asked if any of my children wanted to try it.  My oldest son said he would like to try.  After he tried it, both of my girls wanted to climb.  They all seem to enjoy it quite a bit.

When my children were done climbing, he asked if I wanted to try.  I jumped at the chance because I have wanted to try rock climbing for a long time.

Elephant Rock seemed to be a really good place to learn rock climbing.  The route I climbed was not too difficult, but it was still challenging enough to give me a feel for the sport.  There were several climbs all around the rock.  Some of which appeared to be much more difficult than the beginners route I took.  I am now much more interested in picking up rock climbing as one of my hobbies.  Thanks Vinay!



Unswamping a Canoe Solo Style

by Kade 10. July 2010 18:39

Sticking with my canoeing theme this week, I decided to record a "how to" video while at Rigby Lake last night.  This is just a quick video that shows how to unswamp your canoe alone once you are to shore. 

Had the camera run longer you would have been able to see me slip and almost fall in the lake.  Too bad the camera was shut off too soon because it really was funny. 



Star Wars Kid Canoe

by Kade 9. July 2010 14:14

This video was sent to me in response to yesterday's post about canoeing over waterfalls.  It's labeled canoe, but looks like a kayaking contest to me. That kid is skilled in so many things!

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