Propane stove giveaway winner

by Kade 4. November 2009 21:18

The winner of the propane stove giveaway is Cees Hofman.  The winning submitted point was Old Dam Rope Swing

Here's an image of our winner.  Thanks Cees for contributing to the community.



GPS Winner Announcement

by Kade 5. December 2008 23:45

We finally have a winner who claimed his prize. The winner of the GPS Unit is the user talsan. He is the one picture above with the LOVELY hat. (You can own your very own SHhhh! hat for $9.99 by joining Backcountry Secrets and logging in.) The winning point submitted was Multnomah Falls in Oregon


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And the winner is...

by Kade 26. November 2008 23:39

Well, the winner is NOT CLAIMING THE PRIZE!!! We had 128 successful submissions/entries in to the GPS drawing. As I went to do the drawing, the first name pulled out of the hat was none other than my own father. Seeing as in the rules I stated that family was not eligible to win, I continued to draw a second name.

The second winner was aadamp from Rigby, Idaho with a total of 7 points submitted during the contest dates. An e-mail was shot off with a reply by date in order to claim the prize. Here we are well past the reply by date reply.

In the rules it states that I don't have to give the prize away if the winner does not claim it, but that would be lame and unfair to all of you who really tried to win. So I'm doing a third drawing. Hopefully the third time is the charm for this GPS giveaway.

Stay tuned to see if we finally have a winner claim the prize.


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Do you want a GPS Unit? Win one!

by Kade 14. July 2008 23:31
Are all of your friends sporting a GPS unit, yet you are still trying to use a magnetic compass? It's time to get out of the stone age, and enter the digital age. Backcountry Secrets is giving away a Garmin eTrex GPS Adventure Pack.

There are literally hundreds of things you can do with a GPS unit. In case you really do not know, here are just a few of those things:

  1. Get lost and then find yourself.
  2. Know when that exit is coming up on the interstate.
  3. Track every step of your life.
  4. Estimate arrival times.
  5. Let the cops know that you REALLY were not speeding and have proof!
  6. Find cool stuff on web sites like Backcountry Secrets or Geocaching.
  7. Remember where that great fishing hole is.
  8. Know when the sun will rise and set.
  9. Locate your Grandma's grave site that you only visit once in a blue moon.
  10. Strap it to the dog and prove to the neighbors that those really are not your puppies.
  11. Go golfing and determine distance to the hole.
  12. Determine your speed on the ski hill.
  13. And best of all, have fun with your kids!

Now is your chance to gain fame and fortune! Ok, so we really can't promise any fame, but it could save you a few Benjamin's. The rules are pretty simple and basic. Submit a valid point to Backcountry Secrets, have it approved by a member of our staff, earn an entry to our drawing, and start praying your point is selected as the winner.

We are accepting entries until October 31, 2008. There are some official rules and such we had to write up, but if you live in the US or Canada, head on over to Backcountry Secrets and submit a point for your chance to win. The more you submit, the better your odds! All I have to say is, if you win, you better use it because this used up all of our revenue from 2007 and then some...

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T-Shirts In Winter

by Kade 4. December 2006 17:52
These are the latest addition to my Backcountry Secrets marketing. I found a great deal on getting t-shirts printed on eBay. I got 24 2-sided screen T-shirts for $106.25 including shipping.

I considered this a great deal considering in my local town the same deal would have cost me about $15 per shirt.

Now I just have to come up with an idea on how to best distribute these. Too bad it is the middle of winter so no one will see them if I give them away right now. 

Backcountry Secrets t-shirts

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