Tips For The Beginning Camper

by Donna 21. April 2012 23:39

If you Plan to Go Camping, Make sure you are Well-prepared
If you have decided to indulge your adventurous side and buy the gear and equipment for a family camping trip, then you’ll want to make sure to avoid some of the mistakes made by beginners new to the activity. After all, you don’t want to stand out like a red flag by being disorganized or fumbling around the campsite as you attempt to put up your tent. Make sure you bring all the necessary provisions too so you won’t begin your adventure by spending your first night by going to bed both cold and hungry or checking in at a nearby hotel. So, you might practice putting up your tent in your backyard first before assembling it on the campsite.

The Items you’ll Need for a Good Night’s Sleep
Specifically, in and around your campgrounds, you’ll need, of course, a tent, guy lines, and stakes, a tarp or sunshade, and sleeping bags. Make sure the sleeping bags come with liners for added comfort. You’ll also need pillows, sleeping pads, warm blankets, and an air mattress with a pump.

Clothing made for Camping
For your furnishings, make sure to include folding chairs and a table as well as accessory items, such as headlamps and flashlights (both with extra batteries), and lanterns. Clothing should include t-shirts and underwear made of moisture-wicking material, long sleeve shirts, rain jacket, pants, shorts, hat, bandanas, hiking boots, sandals, and socks made of wool or synthetic materials.

Suggestions for your Campsite Kitchen
You’ll also need equipment for kitchen use as well, including a cook stove with fuel, matches, firewood or charcoal, a rack for grilling, frying pan and pots, food storage containers, vacuum thermos, and trash bags. Include to that list, a cooler with ice, bottles of water, cups or mugs, paring knife, and eating utensils. You’ll also need sponges and scrubbers, foil, a drying rack, and towels.

Personal Toiletries
Personal care items which you’ll want to bring include sunscreen, lip balm, and toilet paper. And, don’t forget the first-aid kit as well as well as your brush, comb and other related toiletries.

Make sure your Campsite Pantry is Well-stocked as Well
Naturally, you’ll want to make sure you have enough food on hand too. Make sure your campsite pantry is well-stocked as you won’t be able to take a quick trip up to the store for any items you forget.

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A Guide to Buying Hiking Boots

by Kade 22. November 2011 18:50

Feet are complex and therefore expert guidance is advisable when buying walking boots. There is a lot to consider when buying hiking boots because everybody’s feet are different and one person’s feet might not fit an average shaped pair of shoes.  It is good to consult with specialists in footwear when buying boots as they can direct you to personalized boots with custom molded footbeds, heel lifts and volume reducers.

This is good to know when it comes to buying hiking boots, as they are probably the most important part of your hiking gear.  If you can’t walk comfortably, you’re not going very far! Good footwear can also prevent injury and improve your performance, keeping your mind on the scenery rather than sore feet!

Here are some tips to consider when buying walking boots:

  • Make sure your footwear will provide secure footing on rough ground. Consider the terrain where you’re going and the type of activity you’ll be doing.
  • Your boots need to be durable.  Pay attention to materials which will survive climbing and gripping rough terrain.
  • Comfort is important. After walking for long periods you don’t want your boots to rub or cause sweating.
  • Often when hiking you could be up and down hills and near water and so your footwear needs to be able to adapt.
  • On easier terrain fabric and suede are suited.
  • Plastic boots are good waterproof shoes and help keep your feet warm in cold climates.
  • Your footwear should be supportive.
  • Make sure the material and size fit well and allow for movement.
  • Pay attention to features of the materials such as breathability, waterproof, etc.

There are many different types of men and women’s hiking boots available.  By applying these points, you should be able to find the perfect pair for your next outdoor adventure.

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Rock Climbing With Kids

by Kade 26. May 2010 09:32


Kid Rock Climbing

Kids love to climb. Whether it's all over Dad, up ladders, or between the door frame, kids just love it.  Introducing your children or child to rock-climbing at a young age can help you spend a lot of quality time together as your child grows.  Think of the great conversations you'll have with your teenager as you trap them in the car on the way to a crag.  Where better to talk about the birds and bees than out in nature?

Here are some tips to get you and your kids rock-climbing:

  1. Take a rock climbing class together. This has many benefits and not just for climbing.  your children will see that Mom and Dad can take direction too.
  2. Set the rules.  Rock-climbing can be very dangerous and it is important for all climbers to know and follow the rules.  Set consequences and follow through if the rules are broken.
  3. Start small and work up. After having lessons, try a free climbing at a rock wall gym. This will give you time to practice together with your kids. 
  4. Don't expect too much.  Children will often show enthusiasm for rock climbing and then decide it is too scary to climb higher than 3-4 feet. Don't force the issue.  Just praise them for how high they went and challenge them to get a foot or two higher.
  5. Teach them climbing terms. If you take a rock-climbing class with your children, you'll probably learn these, but re-teach them before you climb just to make sure you are all on the same page.  "On belay" "Climbing" "Slack" "Tension" "ROCK!"
  6. Find helmets that fit.  A good helmet is very important when rock-climbing.  Make sure your child has a helmet that fits and is not damaged.
  7. Double check harness and make sure your child is big enough for it.  Before you leave to the wall, make sure your child fits the manufacturers suggested weights and sizes for the harness they will be wearing.  Before your child starts to climb, double check the harness is set properly. 
  8. Chalk up.  Children love to get their hands dirty especially when Mom and Dad are doing it as well.  Plus it helps when you're rock climbing.
  9. Get some rock climbing shoes.  Climbing shoes should fit snug, but not too tight.  You don't necessarily need to buy new.  Look for used ones on gear surplus sites, or rent shoes from a local shop.
  10. Celebrate accomplishments and have fun.  That's why you go!

Children's climbing harnesses from

Children's climbing harnesses and helmets from

Some of the topics covered here definately do not go in to great detail.  Harnesses, helmets, and shoes could each have their own post about the proper kinds and how to purchase.  Do your homework and you'll enjoy the time you spend rock climbing with kids.  

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