GPS Winner Announcement

by Kade 5. December 2008 23:45

We finally have a winner who claimed his prize. The winner of the GPS Unit is the user talsan. He is the one picture above with the LOVELY hat. (You can own your very own SHhhh! hat for $9.99 by joining Backcountry Secrets and logging in.) The winning point submitted was Multnomah Falls in Oregon


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Do you want a GPS Unit? Win one!

by Kade 14. July 2008 23:31
Are all of your friends sporting a GPS unit, yet you are still trying to use a magnetic compass? It's time to get out of the stone age, and enter the digital age. Backcountry Secrets is giving away a Garmin eTrex GPS Adventure Pack.

There are literally hundreds of things you can do with a GPS unit. In case you really do not know, here are just a few of those things:

  1. Get lost and then find yourself.
  2. Know when that exit is coming up on the interstate.
  3. Track every step of your life.
  4. Estimate arrival times.
  5. Let the cops know that you REALLY were not speeding and have proof!
  6. Find cool stuff on web sites like Backcountry Secrets or Geocaching.
  7. Remember where that great fishing hole is.
  8. Know when the sun will rise and set.
  9. Locate your Grandma's grave site that you only visit once in a blue moon.
  10. Strap it to the dog and prove to the neighbors that those really are not your puppies.
  11. Go golfing and determine distance to the hole.
  12. Determine your speed on the ski hill.
  13. And best of all, have fun with your kids!

Now is your chance to gain fame and fortune! Ok, so we really can't promise any fame, but it could save you a few Benjamin's. The rules are pretty simple and basic. Submit a valid point to Backcountry Secrets, have it approved by a member of our staff, earn an entry to our drawing, and start praying your point is selected as the winner.

We are accepting entries until October 31, 2008. There are some official rules and such we had to write up, but if you live in the US or Canada, head on over to Backcountry Secrets and submit a point for your chance to win. The more you submit, the better your odds! All I have to say is, if you win, you better use it because this used up all of our revenue from 2007 and then some...

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The Beginning

by Kade 26. July 2006 13:00

I am often asked by new people in town, "Where's a good place to go for outdoor activities." Instead of having to explain to each of them the location of the Civil Defense Caves or where good places to go camping are, I built this web site to allow everyone to share.

Backcountry Secrets allows users to post GPS coordinates of places to participate in outdoor activities. Other users can then search for places by state, city, and within a certain distance from a town. It's a new site and we'll see if it goes anywhere, but I thought it would be fun to try and I learned a lot building the site.

Oh, and it's free to use.

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