Move over Al Gore, Coleman's in town

by Kade 18. May 2009 23:56

I think my favorite "whoops" quote of all-time is from Al Gore, "During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet." Sure I've heard the claims that he wasn't saying he invented the Internet and I've even read's input on it, but he still said what he said and it makes me laugh. I'm not here to pick on slip ups of politicians though - we'd be here for years on that one - I'm here to discuss the great outdoors.

Coleman has a new campaign running with the slogan, "The Coleman Campsite. The original Social Networking Site." You can check it out here. The ad claims that they pretty much invented camping, and pretty much invented social networking because they've been helping people get together and socialize for years. I do have to admit that long before I ever used Facebook or MySpace, I was eating pancakes, bacon, and eggs at Canyon Campground in Yellowstone National Park.

Even though people camped LONG before Coleman was ever around, I do have to say this is a really fun campaign and it's worth watching the videos on it just to enjoy the ugly...I mean the old clothes and hairstyles.

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A new feature to track points

by Kade 15. April 2008 23:19

We have had a few requests to make it so our users can see what points were added most recently. So to oblige we are reformatting the home page to include the last 10 points added.

We are also excited to announce the release of our first RSS feed. The RSS feed will contain the last 10 approved points with the following information:

1. Point Name and State/Province the point is located in.
2. The member who submitted the point and the date of submission
3. Directions to the point
4. All of the sport descriptions at the point.

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SHhhh! Hat Giveaway

by Kade 4. July 2007 22:33

Well the Backcountry Secrets SHhhh! Hat give-away has come to a close. The give away brought A LOT of traffic to the website, but did not bring as many points as I was hoping for.

The month long promotion ended with us giving away a total of 5 hats to site contributors. We want to thank those of you who participated in the SHhhh! hat give away.

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Backcountry Tipi

by Kade 28. February 2007 16:25

I purchased this tipi, or teepee however you want to spell it, back in December. The idea came from my Dad who is currently the scout master in his area. He was saying he'd like to have a tipi that the scouts could sleep in and he didn't care if it was branded with some company name.

Well I decided that I needed a tax right off and what a better way to do it than with a tipi for Backcountry Secrets. The plan is to paint the Backcountry Secrets logo on the tipi with all of the sport icons around the bottom. Then let the scouts use it when they go on campouts.

My Dad and I built some "portable poles" for it using 2x4's and PVC pipe. This is a picture of the tipi only 2/3 setup in his house. We couldn't set it up the full 24 ft indoors, but the weather isn't cooperating and we wanted to set what it looks like.

Hopefully this "portable billboard" will help more people find the Total marketing costs on this one, about $800.


Teepee in House


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T-Shirts In Winter

by Kade 4. December 2006 17:52
These are the latest addition to my Backcountry Secrets marketing. I found a great deal on getting t-shirts printed on eBay. I got 24 2-sided screen T-shirts for $106.25 including shipping.

I considered this a great deal considering in my local town the same deal would have cost me about $15 per shirt.

Now I just have to come up with an idea on how to best distribute these. Too bad it is the middle of winter so no one will see them if I give them away right now. 

Backcountry Secrets t-shirts

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