Mother's Day Eve

by Kade 8. May 2009 23:54

Tomorrow is Mother's Day Eve. You know what that means right? It means that you should be thinking (or panicking) about what to do this weekend.

This is the perfect time to give the Mother in your home a day off from cooking as well as show her some fun. Let's start with the fun part of Mother's Day. Mother's Day Eve is a great day to go outside and enjoy the back country. How about taking your mom to the local nature preserve to enjoy a relaxing afternoon listening to creeks, birds, well just nature in general. If she is the fishing type, go fishing. There is something relaxing about being outside for moms. Maybe it's the fact that they aren't looking at all the work that "needs" to be done in the house. The point I'm trying to make here about Mother's Day Eve is to get outside! It's Spring, everyone has been cooped up and Mother's Day Eve is kind of like a "get ready for Memorial Day" kind of weekend.

Okay, so now that we are done talking about what to do on Mother's Day Eve, let's discuss Mother's Day itself. Mother's Day is really secretly known among men as "Show Off Your Manliness Day." That's right, Mother's Day is secretly a day to show off your manliness. It's time to crack open the grills and make the neighbors jealous with the wonderful aroma's coming off your manly cooking machine. What an awesome weekend. We get to recognize the wonderful women in our lives AND we get to be manly about it. Who could ask for more?

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A consuming society

by Kade 28. March 2008 23:09

Backcountry Secrets has been running on the web now for almost 2 years. I finally feel like the site is starting to get to the point I envisioned it may one day reach. The only problem to date, the web site has too many consumers and not enough producers.

I think I have the solution, a simple requirement. From now on, we are going to require users to submit one point before they can read the details of the hundreds of other points available. I figure it is a small thing to ask for. We've all been told that nothing in life is really ever "Free". Well, this is the price we are asking our users to pay. I figure it's better than $5.95 a month.

Guess we'll have to watch and see if it works or not. Hopefully everyone is not too selfish and they'll share some basic points.

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Multiple Sports per Point

by Kade 23. April 2007 15:46

The latest updates are done and posted on the web site. Due to popular demand I have updated the web site to allow multiple sports and descriptions to be posted on each point. This will allow users to review points differently for each sport as well.

Coming soon is the ability for any registered member to update any point on the web site. This will help our community of backcountry secreters to help keep information on the site up to date. Another feature that is coming soon is a tutorial on how to post data without a GPS unit.

If you have any requests for additional user ability on the site, please use the contact us link on the site and let us know!

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