Enjoying Swimming Holes

by Kade 25. August 2011 23:04

Ah, the old swimming hole. Just hearing those words evokes images of happier, simpler times - sipping on a glass of ice-cold lemonade, dangling your feet in the clear, cool water, just watching the world go by. There is nothing to compare with lazily leaning back against the trunk of an old oak tree with a contented sigh, enjoying the age-old dance of the dragonflies along the water's smooth glass-like surface, until a fish bobs up in search of a quick lunch, leaving rippled rings in its wake.

In today's pristine perfect chlorinated pool obsessed world, enjoying the pleasure of an old-fashioned swimming hole is in danger of becoming merely a quaint remnant of days long past. There is no better way to reconnect with the natural world than by spending some time immersed in the beauty and serenity of a natural fresh body of water. Water has a calming effect on the soul, and it is much more cost-effective than therapy.

There is something deeply freeing and primal about jumping headlong into a swimming hole. If you are lucky enough to have access to one complete with a dock, let your inner child shine through as you thump down those weathered gray boards, as many generations of swimmers have done before you. Then, without the hesitation that comes with attaining adulthood, give a loud whoop! and fly through the air as a jumble of flailing limbs, taking in a sharp breath as you are enveloped by the cool, inviting waters. The bigger the splash the better! Triumphantly rise to the surface, shaking your head like a long-haired dog and - what the heck - run back and do it again!

If by now you are panting and out of breath, float on your back and let the gently rolling waters lull you into a state of complete relaxation. Listen to the symphony of the birdsong, and watch as clouds pass across the face of the sun, alternating light and shadow over the entire landscape. Revel in the knowledge that humans have been engaging in this activity since the dawn of time, and know that you are part of an unbroken link spanning back thousands of years.  Head over to our list of swimming holes and find one near you to head out today.



How Not To Go Over a Waterfall in a Canoe

by Kade 7. July 2010 21:08

This is a good example as to how not to go over a "waterfall" in a canoe.  Sorry, but I laughed. You can watch the whole thing, but if you are short on time jump to the 1:40 mark in the video.

Update: The video we originally had posted here is no longer viewable as an embedded video file.  You can still view it on YouTube.

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Our new sport - Canyoneering or Canyoning

by Kade 17. April 2008 23:25
Do you like to swim, rock climb, walk, jump, and rappel? If you do, you need to know of a sport called canyoning or canyoneering. (Depending upon where you live.)

Canyoning is the sport of traveling through a canyon using different techniques such as swimming, rappelling, and more. This sport is often done in remote locations and requires ultimate wilderness travel skills.

Most canyoneering is done in mountain canyons with flowing water. Countries all around the world have areas for people to participate in canyoning. The Rocky Mountains have numerous canyoneering locations in the US. The majority of canyoneering trips can be completed in a single day.

A word of caution. Canyoneering can be very dangerous. Canyon walls can be steep making rescue extremely difficult and time intensive.

One of our great members suggested this sport to us. I had never heard of it, but it sounds like a lot of fun. We have added this as a sport to Backcountry Secrets. Head on over and add your routes or search for some adventures!

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Day Two - The Lower Yellowstone Loop

by Kade 26. May 2007 19:31

Day two of our annual Yellowstone Trip took us to the lower loop of Yellowstone. We made sure to stop and get the Firehole River Swimming Area point to add to Backcountry Secrets. It was too cold for us to swim at this time of year, but this is an enjoyable summer dip.

Firehole River Swimming Sign Firehole River Swimming Area

Firehole River Swimming Firehole River Swimming Rapids

After Firehole River Swimming Area we headed south to the Classic Old Faithful. There are plenty of trails at Old Faithful to walk around on and enjoy hot pots and geysers. Life flight landed and took off while we were at Old Faithful (Just a reminder that the backcountry and wild animals can be dangerous).

After Old Faithful we drove around to Lake. We checked out Fishing Bridge Campground (talk about bumper to bumper trailers), then continued on to Mary's Bay. Just past Mary's Bay there is a beautiful lookout point on top of a mountain that you can drive to. In the distance you can see the Tetons and overlook Yellowstone Lake.

We finished day two off with a nice large campfire (with freshly cut wood) after discovering our neighbors on night two had gathered up the firewood we cut that morning. They must have thought they hit the jackpot.

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