What's included in the new release?

by Kade 2. July 2009 02:51

I just finalized the update to Backcountry Secrets and wanted to summarize some of the highlights for you.

1.  A new design.  I'm hoping that the new design will bring more attention to the fact that users can update descriptions, submit reviews, upload images, and upload KML files for all of the different outdoor sports.

2.  Outdoor Gear Deal of the Day page.  This page helps users to find great deals on products that are killer deals from major companies such as backcountry.com and more.

3.  KML file support and Google Earth view.  On each of the point detail pages, users who have submitted at least one point will be able to view KML files in a Google Earth type environment.  This feature is great to show the elevation gain of a hike, or directions to a point. This image is of Table Rock Hike and Campground in Wyoming.

Table Rock Wyoming

4.  The site in general just loads faster.  We optimized a lot of the code to help the search pages and detail pages load faster.  The biggest difference will be seen on the search pages.

5.  Flickr images integrated.  We are no longer hosting the images submitted to the site on our own server.  This will allow us to have larger image sizes and share great photos with more people. 

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The blog has moved!

by Kade 30. June 2009 23:59

We made it right in the nick of time.  We uploaded the new blog on June 30 just before midnight.  We are going to have some fun with this new site.  Give us some feedback.  What do you think of the new design?  Any elements we need to add to the site?


New updates to the web site

by Kade 10. December 2008 23:41

I just finished uploading a lot of changes to Backcountry Secrets. The most obvious change is to the search page. I tried to make it more user friendly by supplying all ways to search in one page. Now you can search by location, name, or sport all in one place.

A few other changes that have taken place is I broke Alpine skiing down in to two categories: Alpine Resort Skiing and Backcountry Skiing. This came as a request from one of our members who did not want to search through all of the resorts to find the very few actual backcountry skiing locations we have on the site. I will be going through all of the skiing points to change them to appropriate categories later today.

Our site is also now AJAX enabled. To most of you that probably means nothing. Basically it means that your searches for points will be faster. You won't have to wait for the entire page to load anymore.

We plan on having some more contests for giveaways in the near future. If you have any ideas of a good prize to give away within the $100 range, please leave a comment on this post. Hope you are all enjoying the backcountry!



Evolution of a web site

by Kade 10. August 2007 22:34
Back in the summer of 2005 when I came up with the idea for Backcountry Secrets, I knew what I wanted the site to look and feel like. However, I was just not able to come up with the graphic design and feel. The site has under gone many minor changes and basically three major changes.

In the beginning we had maybe 30 points and were excited if we got 12 hits in a month. We were extremely excited if anyone joined. Our first non-related member joined nearly a year later in June. At that point we had 4 members. This summer we have had 320 people sign up so far bringing us to a total of 348! There are a total of 257 points submitted. Please keep sharing secrets and help us grow.

The design process has been frustrating and has even felt as though some of the changes were steps in the wrong direction. I think we are finally there. The newest design is a clean, outdoor feeling site and we hope you enjoy it! Be sure to visit our new Amazon.com outdoor gear store. We hope that this newest design will help you navigate the site easier and want to come back more often.

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I love sharing the outdoors and that is why Backcountry Secrets is my full-time hobby.

I only wish it was my full-time job.  I hope you have benefited from the information you have found on our site today.

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