Backcountry Fishing Adventures: Choosing a Pair of Waders

by Donna 30. July 2012 21:24

Waders – Essential Gear When Fly Fishing or Hunting

When choosing waders for angling in the backcountry, you no doubt want to ensure that you are sufficiently protected. After all, you don’t want icy cold marsh waters or a stream’s runoff to keep you from enjoying your time spent in the great outdoors. Therefore, you’ll need to find water-resistant waders that meet your criteria with respect to insulation and construction. Indeed, waders can come in quite handy when you are fly fishing in a stream or are hunting for waterfowl in areas flooded by spring rains.

Determining the Type of Waders you’ll Need

Wader designs then are determined by a water’s depth. Therefore, in order to buy a pair, you’ll need to base your choice on where they will be used. When you’ve made an assessment as to the estimated depth, add about another foot of coverage for moving water. Then, you can determine whether you’ll need waders that cover you up to the chest, hip or waist. Needless to say, chest waders give you the best protection as you can journey into streams that run ankle-deep or trek through rivulets that flow as high as your waist. Chest waders are supported by suspenders and designed to be baggy to allow for comfort while, at the same time, staying secure and in place.

Chest Waders – When to Use Them

Indeed, many fly fishermen and women like wearing chest waders as they provide coverage in streams that are deeper  and can be used on windy or wet days. Therefore, you can enjoy backcountry hunting or fishing just about any time during the year. Just make sure that you always wear a wading belt with your chest waders in case of a short, unexpected dunking.

Hip Waders

If your fishing or hunting adventure takes you to waters that are about knee-deep, then hip waders are the best choice. The waders come in two distinct pieces that are designed to be  worn on each leg, and are secured to your belt with straps. Therefore, the waders are simple to put on or remove and can be worn over your clothes. These kinds of waders are also easy to pack and are a great choice when pursuing such activities as waterfowl hunting, boating, or fly angling.

Waist Waders

Waist waders come up to the waist and look like baggy, waterproof pants. They are made for waters that come up to one’s thighs. The waders come with loops at waistline so they can be belted and secured. Backcountry enthusiasts like to wear these waders during the summer as they do not cover the upper body, which allows for more coolness and movement. Because the upper body is not covered, the wearer has more latitude with respect, say, to casting a fishing line or hoisting a rifle while hunting. Typically, waders that are made to be waist-high are best used in fairly fast-flowing streams.



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