Adventurers Beware: Five Items That Could Save Your Life

by Kade 2. August 2012 21:26

The following is a guest post from Haleigh Adams.  Haliegh Adams is a professional writer. She frequently writes for and has a special interest in knife collecting and the outdoors.

If you’re an adventurer planning a trek into the back country, you probably want to travel with as little weight as possible. As much as you want keep your backpack and clothing light, there are some items that are invaluable in an emergency. Here are five items that could save your life:

1. Water and food

The most important item of these two essentials is water. If the weather is hot, dehydration can cause physical distress within an hour. In extreme heat, an adult can lose as much as 1.5 liters (about .4 gallons) of water just by sweating. If you’re far from your vehicle or base camp, there won’t be nearly enough time to make it back. Even if it’s cold outside, physical exertion can cause you to sweat and become dehydrated. Even without sweating, a human can only last a few days without water.

You can certainly survive longer without food than water, but it’s still a good idea to bring enough food to last a week. Energy bars are lightweight and provide nutrients and calories if you get stranded.

2. Navigational system

Carry some form of navigation in case you get lost. This could include a map, compass or a GPS system. If you carry a GPS system, carry a paper map and compass for backup in case you can’t get a signal.

3. Cell phone

Adventurers today have a big advantage over their counterparts several years ago. Provided you can get reception, a cell phone can enable you to summon help if you get into a dangerous situation. If you’re far away from civilization or in mountainous terrain where it’s difficult to get a signal from a tower, a satellite phone can be a lifesaver.

4. Blanket

Many hikers neglect to bring a blanket during warm weather, figuring that they’ll never need it. In many locations, the temperature can dip dramatically at night. It’s also good to have a blanket in case you fall into cold water and need to get warm. Many natural springs have extremely cold water even in the summer.

5. Protection

Some adventurers are so intent on packing their bags that they forget to protect themselves. Hiking sandals may be cool and comfortable if you’re close to civilization, but if you’re in locations where there might be snakes, you’ll need better protection. Wear a sturdy pair of high-top hiking boots and something to protect your calves. If it’s winter, wear heavyweight jeans tucked into your boots. In the summer, a pair of heavy, knee-high hiking socks can protect your lower legs.

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Kade United States
8/2/2012 9:36:06 PM #

I'd just like to add that you should bring extra batteries for your GPS unit as well, and definitely bring the compass.

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