Hammock Camping: Relaxing in the Great Outdoors

by Donna 23. July 2012 21:22

The Appeal of Hammock Camping for the Backpacker

While using a tent is quite fun, backpackers often find that they prefer to use hammock tents after they’ve been trekking through the wilderness for a while. That’s because the shelters are convenient to set up and generally are more relaxing too. While these kinds of tents may seem to be rather vulnerable-looking at first, they actually are solid forms of shelter, provided, of course, you tie the ends to tree trunks that are solid and sturdy too.

A Preferred Way to Sleep

Of course, not every camper finds a hammock tent the most comfortable option, particularly if he is taller or heavier. However, many campers, when they get used to sleeping on a hammock, actually like it better than taking refuge for the night in a ground-erected tent. After all, a hammock does keep you from dealing with such issues as rocks or dampness. Therefore, many people who suffer from back pain will find some relief when using a hammock tent during backpacking or hiking trips.

Choosing a Campsite

Because a hammock tent is set up about three feet off the ground, you reduce the potential of being plagued by insects as well, or at least from being pursued by the crawling kind. If you like to hike in the woods, then, naturally, a hammock tent is the ideal shelter as you can find a number of spots in which to set up camp. That being said, you still have to make sure that the area where you establish your tent is not prone to high-level winds or isn’t too near a body of water, such as a pond or lake, which generally attracts large populations of mosquitoes and other insects.

Setting up Camp

Once you find the perfect campsite, establishing the hammock is pretty easy. Make sure that the trees that you use are far enough apart to accommodate your height. The trunks should have circumferences of at least two feet. After you’ve tied the tent firmly to the trunks, all you need to do is establish the fly over the hammock for coverage. Commercial brands offering hammock tents include Hennessy, Clark Jungle, Eagle’s Nest, Warbonnet, Lawson, Trek Light, Crazy Creek and Hammock Bliss, just to name a few.

A Practical Item for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Indeed, using a hammock tent is an ideal choice for backpacking and camping as it is a very light type of gear. Even if you are carrying a large hammock shelter in your backpack, it, still, on average, weighs far less than the standard tent. In fact, the very lightest hammock tent that features a rain fly and bug guard weighs in at only one or two pounds. Plus, a hammock shelter can be used in a number of ways – as a tent, as a chair, as a lounger, or as a means to hold gear. Therefore, this camping accessory is definitely one practical item for anyone who loves traveling and camping in the Great Outdoors.


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