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16.26 mi
Lat/Lon: 37.807004, -122.422929
Swimming Holes
21.32 mi
Lat/Lon: 37.27395, -122.288346
Swimming Holes
Hiking & Backpacking

Things to do near Hillsborough, California

Welcome to Backcountry Secrets search by location. Here you can search around Hillsborough for campgrounds, swimming holes, hiking trails, mountain biking trails and other things to do in the outdoors. After you find a trail, campsite or hot spring to soak in, come back to our outdoor site and share a review, detailed KML, and your images with all of the other outdoor enthuisiasts on Backcountry Secrets. Start your search for things to do in the Hillsborough area by selecting the outdoor sports you are interested in and completing your search.