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Marshall's Idaho

Submitted By: keith on 14 Nov 2005
Latitude: 43.89834
Longitude: -111.66864






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Marshall's Wave is located on the North Fork of the Teton River, where the Teton River splits into the north and south forks. The wave is created by a headgate and is best at flows above 600 cfs.

This wave is a little harder to get back in to once you drop out, so get in everything you can before you decide to drop it.

Kayak Park & Play Reviews for Marshall's Idaho
It Takes a little work to get back up to the wave.

Sucky Courtney's, Idaho
Distance: 1.26 mi
Activities: Kayak Park & Play
Basalt Bluff, Idaho
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Activities: Rock / Ice Climbing
Monkey Rock, Idaho
Distance: 3.67 mi
Activities: Swimming Holes
St. Anthony Sandbar, Idaho
Distance: 4.64 mi
Activities: Swimming Holes
Nature Park, Idaho
Distance: 7.65 mi
Activities: Canoeing, Hiking & Backpacking
Regional Rock Walls - Indoor Climbing, Idaho
Distance: 8.39 mi
Activities: Rock / Ice Climbing
Teton Lakes Golf Course, Idaho
Distance: 8.41 mi
Activities: Cross-Country Skiing
Egin Lakes, Idaho
Distance: 10.56 mi
Activities: Swimming Holes
Beaver Dick Park, Idaho
Distance: 12.84 mi
Activities: Camping, Swimming Holes
Herbert Idaho Ghost Town, Idaho
Distance: 13.20 mi
Activities: Hiking & Backpacking
Green Canyon Hot Springs, Idaho
Distance: 13.57 mi
Activities: Camping, Swimming Holes

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