Coldwater Creek Canoe Trail Florida

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GPS Coordinates of Coldwater Creek Canoe Trail
Latitude: 30.773293
Longitude: -86.992278






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Directions to Coldwater Creek Canoe Trail
Coldwater Creek is about 15 miles north of Milton, FL.

GPS point is given for Adventures Unlimited, a local campground and outfitter. For detailed directions,

If you have your own canoe, other access points are listed at

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Located in the Panhandle, Coldwater Creek flows through the Blackwater River State Forest. Because it is spring-fed, the shallow water is always pleasantly cool. A brisk downstream current helps carry you past pine and hardwood forests. For a map, see

Mileage: 18
Skill Level: Beginner
Difficulty: Easy to moderate
Usual Current: Swift (3+ mph)

Notes and Precautions
The river level rises rapidly after heavy rains. Check local weather conditions before beginning. In addition, low water levels might make some wading necessary.


SR 4 Bridge - From SR 87, go east 5 miles on SR 4 or from SR 191, go west 5 miles on SR 4 to Big Coldwater Creek.

Coldwater Recreation Area - From Munson, take SR 191 southwest for 2.75 miles to dirt road on right (west side of Juniper Creek). Turn west for 5 miles to Jernigan Bridge. Or, from Berrydale, take SR 4 east for 2 miles to paved road. Turn south for 4 miles to bridge. (4 miles)

Wagner Bridge - From SR 87, take Neal Kennington Rd. east to Springhill Rd. Take a right on Springhill Road, and proceed to Wagner Bridge. Or from SR 191, go west on Springhill Road approximately 5 miles to Wagner Bridge. (5 miles)

Adventures Unlimited (outfitter) - On SR 87, look for the "Adventures Unlimited" sign approximately 12 miles north of Milton. Turn right and follow signs approximately 4 miles to Adventures Unlimited. (4 miles)

Old Steel Bridge - From SR 191, take SR 87-A north 2 miles. Turn east and cross Blackwater Heritage Trail; turn north and continue to end of pavement. Then turn east on dirt road to bridge. (2 miles)

SR 191 Bridge - On SR 191, 7 mi northeast of Milton. (3 miles)

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Adventures Unlimited has cabin accommodations for individuals, couples, families and groups as well as hook-up or primitive campsites.

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The spring-fed Coldwater Creek is always cool, even in the heat of summer. White sand beaches abound.

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