Nutty Putty Cave Utah

Submitted By: trev0713 on 26 May 2006
GPS Coordinates of Nutty Putty Cave
Latitude: 40.095489
Longitude: -112.036597






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Directions to Nutty Putty Cave

Caving / Spelunking Caving / Spelunking - Rated 3 by 2 user(s)Rated 3 by 2 user(s)Rated 3 by 2 user(s) (Rated 3 out of 5 from 2 reviews)

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Great cave to explore. Here are some links for info about the caves.

Nutty Putty cave is now permently closed. It was filled with 10 ft of cement

Caving / Spelunking Reviews for Nutty Putty Cave Utah
nothing beats a cave you can explore all around and not just have it dead end
-marcwars Rating: 5 of 5

Nutty Putty has been permently closed. It has 10 ft of cement in the entrance. It is now protected as a grave site. Attempts to gain access is now a violation of federal laws
-nala Rating: 1 of 5

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