Bastrop State Park Texas

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GPS Coordinates of Bastrop State Park
Latitude: 30.110088
Longitude: -97.285824






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Directions to Bastrop State Park
From Austin go east on State Highway 71 to Bastrop. At Bastrop go left on State Hwy 21. The Park Entrance is less than a Mile on the right.

Camping Camping - (0 reviews)

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Camping options are two fold in the park. With a generic Park Pass you may camp in any of the improved camp sites available. There are several sittuated throughout the park. "Bastrop State Park is 5,926 total acres; approximately 30 miles southeast of Austin in Bastrop County. It is the site of the famous "Lost Pines," an isolated timbered region of loblolly pine and hardwoods." " Campsites & Other Facilities: include restrooms with showers; picnic sites; backpack areas along an 8.5-mile hiking trail; 3.5 additional miles of hiking trails; campsites with water; campsites with water and electricity; cabins; lodges; group barracks; and a dining hall (accommodates 90); a swimming pool; an outdoor sports area; a trail area; a day-use dining hall (refectory) with a kitchen area, tables and chairs for 90, a patio area, air-conditioning, and two fireplaces; and a sponsored youth group area. Special rates are available. The rustic cabins , which accommodate two to six people, overlook a small lake and each has air-conditioning, a microwave and kitchen facilities (linens and towels are furnished, but no utensils, dishes, or silverware)."

Hiking & Backpacking Hiking & Backpacking - (0 reviews)

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An 8.5 mile hike is is a great workout site. " The loblolly pine woodland is isolated from the main body of East Texas Pines by approximately 100 miles of rolling, post oak woodlands. This pine-oak woodland covers approximately seventy square miles and is part of most westerly stand of loblolly pines in the state. A quiet woodland and rugged hills make this park one of the most beautiful in Texas. Many species of wildlife such as white-tail deer, rabbits, squirrels, opossums and armadillos scurry through the woods. A checklist of the bird life of Bastrop and Buescher State Parks is available at the park headquarters." At a fast pace even seasoned backpacking enthusiasts will get a great workout. Tent camping is listed as available by permit within the park.

Mountain Biking Mountain Biking - (0 reviews)

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Mountain bikers are in for a great ride along the paved and gravel roads of this park. The real draw is the ride between Bastrop State park and Buescher State Park. A pleasant 13-mile scenic drive through forest leads to Buescher State Park, another beautiful forested area. Buescher State park has a 7.5 mile hiking trail as well as Spanish Moss draped hardwoods. Park Road 1C between the two is a twsiting winding hilly drive along ridges and through bottoms. The 26 mile loop is a great weekend addition to the Hikes.

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