Alton Baker Park Canoe Canal & 24/7 Wave Oregon

Submitted By: Crew707 on 29 May 2008
GPS Coordinates of Alton Baker Park Canoe Canal & 24/7 Wave
Latitude: 44.053544
Longitude: -123.075371






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Directions to Alton Baker Park Canoe Canal & 24/7 Wave
Alton Baker Park in Eugene OR. The park is located at Ferry St. Bridge along the Wilamette River

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Beginner to Intermediate canoe trip. This site is recommend for Boy Scout groups looking for a 50 mile canoe trip.

If you are just looking for a short canoe trip, a popular feature is canoe canal. Canoe Canal begins just east of the I-5 corridor in Springfield, runs under the interstate and through the entire length of Alton Baker Park, and finally entering the Willamette River near the Ferry Street Bridge. Along the way there is a weir structure that is popular with kayakers, a pond that offers viewing of a variety of wildlife, a canoe shoot that drops water to a lower elevation, a second weir that needs to be portaged around and finally a double pond feature that is very popular with ducks and geese.

Total length of the water course is approximately 2.25 mi, with access from Leo Harris Parkway, and at the west end near the Day Island Road Parking lot.

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24/7 is a year round wave, but best in the summer time. It's about a mile down from the inlet of canoe canal. It is great for beginner playboaters. You can learn to cartwheel left and right and maybe throw in a loop. Be aware that the depth here is not very deep. You'll want ear and nose plugs.

Put in/ take out: Take W. Centenial Blvd to Aspen St. Take the road all the way to the end and park at the boat ramp. Hike about a mile down stream until to the I-5 bridge. Put in on the Canoe Canal.

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