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Eureka Cave Idaho

Submitted By: vlkswgnspeed on 17 Nov 2008
Latitude: 43.122714
Longitude: -115.5740981






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Just outside of mountain home. take a right on hot creek. drive about 10 minutes and you will come some cattle fence on the right with a cattle crossing. drive another 5 to 10 minutes and on your left there will be a big hole. this is eureka cave.

-- Updated location.

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has been blown in but still explorable. have not gone far in yet but plan to soon. watch out for snakes. i caught a baby rattlesnack in there so im sure there is more in there. also seems to be a party spot with all the graffiti and fire pits. didnt see any bats but im sure they are there. apparentley this cave used to connect to a similar cave in grandview

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Added TOPO maps of the location. Took me a while to find it due to the bad coords above. Looked it up on my TOPO software and oila!

**Updated coords:

Crater Rings, Idaho
Distance: 14.91 mi
Activities: Hiking & Backpacking, Rock / Ice Climbing
Devil's Hole, Idaho
Distance: 14.94 mi
Activities: Caving / Spelunking

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