Poll na bPeist (The Worm Hole) Ireland

Submitted By: Togatik on 4 Sep 2009
GPS Coordinates of Poll na bPeist (The Worm Hole)
Latitude: 53.1215677
Longitude: -9.7550237






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Directions to Poll na bPeist (The Worm Hole)
Go to the village of Gort na gCapall. From the village a track leads south west, passing a cluster of ruined cottages to the coast. Walk west over the flat limestone slabs for ½ km, you will find Poll na bPéist, the Worm Hole. The Worm Hole is a 100-foot by 40-foot perfectly-rectangular opening in a rock terrace.

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Aside from the directions above, this is a location to hike to on Inishmore (the largest of the Aran Islands), which you will not find tourist at. The hike along the coast is awesome and the next parish over is Boston!

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There are no points within 15 miles of this point.

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Worm Hole (Poll na bPeist)

Worm Hole (Poll na bPeist)
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