Intermittent Spring (Periodic Spring) Wyoming

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GPS Coordinates of Intermittent Spring (Periodic Spring)
Latitude: 42.749537
Longitude: -110.859191






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Directions to Intermittent Spring (Periodic Spring)
US Highway 89, which runs through western Wyoming, is the main route through Afton. In Afton, go east on 2nd Ave, which becomes County Road 138. Follow the road to the end (about 5 miles) where you'll find the parking area, an outhouse, and the trail head.

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The trail, which follows Swift Creek in the Bridger National Forest, is well maintained for the bulk of the hike. The last bit that goes south up the mountain to the source of Intermittent Spring is a little more rigorous (more so for children and seniors), but it's well worth the effort to see this natural wonder.

The spring is actively intermittent from late summer through fall and stops at 12-18 minute intervals. The spring runs down a beautiful, mossy hillside, making a picturesque scene against steep cliffs on either side. But the real marvel is the unique system of the source, which stops and starts due to the low watertable levels at the specified time of year.

As the description on aptly puts it, no picture can compare to experiencing the awesome nature of this feature in person. And thanks to the relatively short interval, you can see it stop and start again from many different perspectives, over and over again. We really enjoyed, for example, watching it from the bottom where one can see the break between the old flow still trickling down the hillside and the new one that's racing to catch up. Simply wonderful.

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