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Things to do Outdoors - Wisconsin

Welcome to Backcountry Secrets search by location. Here you can search Wisconsin for campgrounds, swimming holes, hiking trails, mountain biking trails and other things to do in the outdoors. After you find a trail, campsite or hot spring to soak in, come back to our outdoor site and share a review, detailed KML, and your images with all of the other outdoor enthuisiasts on Backcountry Secrets. Start your search for things to do in Wisconsin by scrolling down and selecting the outdoor sports you are interested in and completing your search.

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13 secrets found in Wisconsin, United States
Point NameState/ProvinceLatitudeLongitudeSports at Point
Alpine Valley Resort Wisconsin 42.733333 -88.416667 Alpine Resort Skiing
Amnicon Falls State Park Wisconsin 46.607678 -91.888586 Camping
Badlands Sno-Park Wisconsin 44.974113 -92.639633 Mountain Biking
Alpine Resort Skiing
Bass Lake Campground Wisconsin 43.690107 -89.869128 Camping
Big smokey falls rafting Wisconsin 45.0173 -88.6344 Whitewater
Buckhorn State Park Wisconsin 43.944524 -90.0001 Hiking & Backpacking
Cross-Country Skiing
Swimming Holes
Copper Falls State Park Wisconsin 46.371095 -90.639782 Canoeing
Hiking & Backpacking
Devil's Head Ski Resort Wisconsin 43.22 -89.37 Alpine Resort Skiing
Kettle Morain South Trail Head Wisconsin 42.935815 -88.465862 Hiking & Backpacking
Cross-Country Skiing
Swimming Holes
Kettle Moraine South Trailhead Wisconsin 42.810262 -88.601646 Hiking & Backpacking
Cross-Country Skiing
Mountain Biking
Ottawa Lake Campground Wisconsin 42.866667 -88.5 Camping
Pinewoods Campground Wisconsin 42.95 -88.483333 Camping
Whitewater Lake Campground Wisconsin 42.766667 -88.6 Camping