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  1. Is Backcountry Secrets Free?
    Yes. Otherwise there would be no point to sharing.
  2. Where can I get one of the Backcountry Secrets t-shirts I've seen?
    Use the contact us form to tell us the size of shirt you wear. The cost for a t-shirt is $5.00. We'll give you further details on how to pay once you contact us.
  3. Where did you come up with the idea?
    Every new school year brings new college students to BYU-Idaho and many of them are wondering where they can do things in Rexburg, Idaho or near Rexburg. One of the most popular questions in the community is "Where are the Civil Defense Caves". So I decided to make this web site to answer this question and more. Once the site started I figured why not just make it national?
  4. Can I submit a point without a GPS unit?
    Yes. You can submit points using popular programs like Google Earth to zoom into the area of your point you would like to share. Google Earth supplies you the coordinates at the bottom of the page. Write these numbers down, login to Backcountry Secrets and submit your point.
  5. How do I earn "GPS Points"?
    You earn GPS Points when you submit new secrets to the site and the secrets are approved.
  6. Why is this FAQ basically useless?
    Because you haven't asked us the questions you want to know. Please use the contact us form on the left and we'll try to make this better.