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Places to Canyoneer and Canyoning Routes

Canyoneering, aka canyoning, is traveling through canyons. A variety of techniques are used in canyoneering that include: walking, climbing, jumping, boating and swimming. Canyoning is frequently done in remote and rugged settings. Skills often required are navigational, route-finding and other wilderness travel skills. Canyons ideal for canyoning are often cut into the bedrock stone, forming narrow passages with numerous drops, beautiful canyon walls, and spectacular waterfalls. Canyoning gear includes climbing hardware, static ropes, helmets, wetsuits, specially designed shoes, packs, and rope bags. This section of Backcountry Secrets is our list of canyoneering and canyoning routes. If you know of any routes that are not in our list, please share.
Point NameState/ProvinceLatitudeLongitudeSports at Point
Jump Creek Idaho 43.481138 -116.924443 Canyoneering
Hiking & Backpacking
Rock / Ice Climbing
Swimming Holes
Jump Crick Idaho 43.545438 -116.910496 Canyoneering
Battle Creek Utah 40.36548 -111.69838 Canyoneering
Hiking & Backpacking
Eardley Canyon Utah 38.7864 -110.5181 Canyoneering
Echo Canyon Utah 37.276389 -112.921944 Canyoneering
Great White Icicle Little Cottonwood Canyon Utah 40.5684 -111.7415 Rock / Ice Climbing
Keyhole Canyon Utah 37.2266 -112.9008 Canyoneering
Mystery Canyon Utah 37.28861 -112.92972 Canyoneering
Neon Canyon and Golden Cathedral Utah 37.09024 -95.712891 Canyoneering
Hiking & Backpacking
Pine Creek Canyon Utah 37.213056 -112.940556 Canyoneering
Rocky Mouth Waterfall Utah 40.543 -111.8036 Canyoneering
Hiking & Backpacking
Deer Creek Wyoming 44.1619 -109.6249 Canyoneering
Rock / Ice Climbing
John Blue Draw Wyoming 44.9088 -108.147 Canyoneering
Rock / Ice Climbing
Spur Canyon Wyoming 44.9689 -108.2271 Canyoneering
Rock / Ice Climbing