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Search outdoor sports by location
Select a country to start

Search by location allows you to specify which sports and geographic area you would like to search. In some countries, you are allowed to search within a specified distance from a city. Smaller countries will only show outdoor hot spots located within the country boundaries.

The image below has all outdoor sports selected, within a 50 mile radius of the City of Rexburg, Idaho.

Search outdoor sports by location

A list of all the points found is also displayed on the search page below the map image. If you selected to search hot springs and cross-country skiing, the results will display all sports available at the location. This means your results may show snowmobiling trails and hiking trails as well.
Search outdoor sports by name
Point Name:

When you search by name, all of our Backcountry Secret outdoor sport points are searched to see if a part of the point name matches the criteria you specify.

If you search "Cave", a list is presented of all outdoor hot spots with a name containing the word cave. This would include the points named Civil Defense Caves, Kuna Cave and Caveat Swimming Hole.

You can also type "California" to find all outdoor sports in California.

Search outdoor sports by name results

The search results display the point name, state or province, latitude, longitude and sport activity at the point.

If more than one sport such as swimming or caving are available, the list will display