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Alta Ski Resort Utah

Submitted By: jenny on 6 Feb 2007

GPS Coordinates

Latitude: 40.588891
Longitude: -111.6371

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Alta is located in the Salt Lake City suburb of Sandy. You drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon where you'll find both Snowbird and Alta. Alta is further up the canyon than Snowbird.

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Location: Little Cottonwood Canyon
Nearest city: Salt Lake City, Utah
Top elevation: 10,550' (3216 m)
Base elevation: 8530' (2600 m)
Skiable area: 2200 acres (8.9kmĀ²)
Longest run: 2.5 miles (Chip's Run)
Lift system: 13 lifts
Snow fall: 500+ inches (12.7 m)
Web page: Alta.com - official site

Alta Ski Area, one of the world's premier ski resorts. Alta's unique location in the Little Cottonwood Canyon, just east of the Great Salt Lake, allows for huge lake-effect storms to dump copious amounts of dry powder snow at the resort, even when neighboring ski areas (primarily those in Park City) and Salt Lake City receive little or no snow. This has led to Alta being ranked #1 in North America for Snow quality, Powder, and Value by Skiing Magazine.

The slogan, "Alta is for skiers" is more than just a marketing ploy, as many skiers feel that Alta's culture and atmosphere of "old school" or "authentic" ski culture is the way skiing should be.

Mount Baldy, Utah
Distance: 1.46 mi
Activities: Hiking & Backpacking, Alpine Resort Skiing
Secret Lake, Utah
Distance: 1.47 mi
Activities: Hiking & Backpacking
Snowbird Ski Resort, Utah
Distance: 1.62 mi
Activities: Alpine Resort Skiing
Sugarloaf Peak, Utah
Distance: 1.71 mi
Activities: Hiking & Backpacking
Hidden Peak, Utah
Distance: 1.98 mi
Activities: Mountain Biking, Hiking & Backpacking, Alpine Resort Skiing
American Fork Twin Peaks, Utah
Distance: 2.77 mi
Activities: Hiking & Backpacking
White Pine Lake, Utah
Distance: 3.91 mi
Activities: Hiking & Backpacking
Lisa Falls, Utah
Distance: 4.85 mi
Activities: Rock / Ice Climbing, Hiking & Backpacking
Pfeiferhorn Peak, Utah
Distance: 5.27 mi
Activities: Hiking & Backpacking
Lake Blanche, Utah
Distance: 5.41 mi
Activities: Hiking & Backpacking
Hidden Falls, Utah
Distance: 5.56 mi
Activities: Hiking & Backpacking
Great White Icicle Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah
Distance: 5.65 mi
Activities: Rock / Ice Climbing, Canyoneering
Storm Mountain, Utah
Distance: 6.22 mi
Activities: Rock / Ice Climbing
Scruffy Band Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah
Distance: 7.32 mi
Activities: Rock / Ice Climbing
Lone Peak, Utah
Distance: 7.56 mi
Activities: Hiking & Backpacking, Rock / Ice Climbing
Fergusen Canyon, Utah
Distance: 7.63 mi
Activities: Rock / Ice Climbing
Mill Creek Canyon Big Water Yurt, Utah
Distance: 8.65 mi
Activities: Snowshoeing, Cross-Country Skiing, Yurt Camping
Homestead Crater, Utah
Distance: 9.15 mi
Activities: Hot Springs, Swimming Holes
Rocky Mouth Waterfall, Utah
Distance: 9.29 mi
Activities: Hiking & Backpacking, Canyoneering
Pete's Rock, Utah
Distance: 9.88 mi
Activities: Rock / Ice Climbing
Grandeur Peak, Utah
Distance: 10.39 mi
Activities: Hiking & Backpacking
Timpanogas Cave, Utah
Distance: 10.99 mi
Activities: Caving / Spelunking
Parley's Canyon, Utah
Distance: 11.71 mi
Activities: Rock / Ice Climbing
Mount Timpanogas, Utah
Distance: 13.68 mi
Activities: Swimming Holes, Hiking & Backpacking, Camping, Horseback

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