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Mono Cliffs Ontario

Submitted By: talsan on 13 Jun 2007

GPS Coordinates

Latitude: 44.045903
Longitude: -80.07705

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From Orangeville, ON: take HWY 10 north to Mono Centre Rd. (Dufferin County Rd. 8); go east on Cty Rd. 8 for approximately 2.5 miles; follow curve in the road to the north (2nd Line EHS) and continue another 2.5 miles to Mono Cliffs Provincial Park entrance.

From Toronto, ON: take Airport Rd. north to Mono Centre Rd. (Dufferin County Rd. 8); go west approximately 3.9 miles to 2nd Line EHS; turn north and continue approximately 1.25 miles to Mono Cliffs Provincial Park entrance.

Hiking & Backpacking - (0)

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There are multiple trails throughout this non-operating provincial park. The Centre for Topographic Information (part of Natural Resources Canada) does have topo maps for the area which likely delineate the trails, but they must be purchased and are not viewable online. However, because of the park's relatively small size at 750 hectares (1853 acres), exploring the trails without a map is also feasible. The park is also frequented by botanical researchers because of its biological abundance including 46 species of ferns. Hiking through these woods and taking in the scenery of this pronounced portion of the Niagra Escarpment is wonderful.

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Closely associated with the caving for this area, in order to access the caves for exploration, one must necessarily do some climbing. I went to these cliffs all growing up and only knew free climbing. I've never used ropes nor do I know if bolt hangers exist there (it's unlikely because it is a Provincial Park); however, with good judgment, there are a lot of fun climbs here for any level of climber.

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Part of the Niagra Escarpment, Mono Cliffs (more commonly known as Mono Rocks) is lined with crevice caves open to exploration. These outcrops are dolostone cliffs that have been fractured by the crevice caves and fissures. There is much to discover and enjoy in these cliffs; however, according to Ontario Parks, the condition of the natural features is fragile, so be nice.

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