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Beaver Dick Park Idaho

Submitted By: Mapper on 20 Jun 2006

GPS Coordinates

Latitude: 43.825088
Longitude: -111.905746

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From Rexburg, Go West on Hwy 33 About 4.5 miles past Hwy 20. The park is on the left just after the river.

Camping - (0)

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Good camping spot for families or scouts. There are shelters at the park that can be reserved for a fee. Camping is free, first come first serve. If no one is using the shelters, you can use them.

Each campsite has picnic tables and campfire rings. There are restrooms in the park. There is a playground for small children with swings and large tires for climbing around on. Water is available in some places that a hose can be hooked up to.

The park is maintained by Madison County and has a boat dock and is named after a famous early settler, "Beaver Dick," Richard Leigh, who was one of the last real mountain men of the valley.

Swimming Holes - (0)

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There is a small floating dock to swim on in the Snake River. I highly recommend using life jackets and only swimming here during lower water flows. I don't recommend letting smaller children swim here. This is an advanced swimming area as most river swiming is.

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Sign at Beaver Dick

Campsite at Beaver Dick

Beaver Dick Boat Dock

Sign at Beaver Dick
Sign at the entrance to Beaver Dick Park