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Q'emilin Park trail system (Ka-Mee-Lin) Idaho

Submitted By: lizardlisy on 9 Jul 2008

GPS Coordinates

Latitude: 47.703033
Longitude: -116.955342

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Eastbound 1-90. Take spokane street exit. Right onto Spokane street. The park is off to the right.

Parking righ at the trailheads require a small fee.

Hiking & Backpacking - (0)

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There is a map of the trail system there at the park. Rock climbers would even have a blast here. Sometimes you may have to pay for parking unless the booth is closed, then you just go right on in. They say you cannot have a campfire there, yet I have always seen used fire pits all over.

If youm hike to the top of Upper Fifth Canyon, the views are spectactular! My cousin, on my first hike, took his slingshot and was able to clear the distance to the other side!

There is also a unique spot by the Spokane River. Be cautious when the Floodgates are open upstream. If you get too close, you could fall in. Stay Alive.

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there are places among the trail for climbers.

The Kootneai Klimbers club has more information.

Tubbs Hill Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Distance: 8.30 mi
Activities: Hiking & Backpacking

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