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Mud Volcano Wyoming

Submitted By: curnbryo on 14 Nov 2006

GPS Coordinates

Latitude: 44.624919
Longitude: -110.4328

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Mud Volcano is on the lower loop of Yellowstone. It's just over halfway driving from Canyon Village towards Fishing Bridge on the west side of the road. There is plenty of parking in the parking lot.

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Mud Volcano is a simple to moderate hike. There is a loop that has quite a few stairs on it if you choose to view the upper hot pools and mud pots.

Mud Volcano is more of a pool of bubbling muddy water in the early spring, and a little more muddy in early summer. Other features on the trail are:

Black Dragon's Cauldron

Sour Lake

Mud Cauldron

Dragon's Mouth - Sounds cool and is fun to tell children there is a dragon inside so they better be careful.

Sulfur Caldron

Sometimes elk and bison are on the trails so you will want to be careful not to disturb or get too close to the wildlife.

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