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Wildwood Recreation Site Oregon

Submitted By: MowFam08 on 26 Jul 2008

GPS Coordinates

Latitude: 45.355975
Longitude: -121.986673

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Wildwood is a day-use recreation site located 39 miles east of Portland on Highway 26 near Welches, Oregon.

Hiking & Backpacking - (0)

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Wildwood Recreation Site is 600 acres of beautiful forest land. It is a day-use only site. There is no overnight camping. It includes a Family Picnic Area nestled in a bend of the Wild and Scenic Salmon River. It has 47 picnic units separated by dense vegetation offering privacy to its users and access to the Salmon River. There is a Group Picnic Area with large capacity picnic pavilions and patio-type picnic areas. Also included in the park is the Trailhead Area which is the beginning of the Cascade Streamwatch and Wetlands Trails. The Cascade Streamwatch Trail is an accessible 3/4 mile paved loop that features quality interpretation, picturesque views of the Wild and Scenic Salmon River, and a fish viewing window below stream level. The Wetlands Trail is also an accessible 3/4 mile loop trail and leads to the challenging Boulder Ridge Trail, which is a 4.7 mile hike up the steep sides of Huckleberry Mountain into the Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness. Wildwood Recreation Site is open the 3rd Monday in March and closes the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Mountain Biking - (0)

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Bicycle riding is allowed on the paved roads and trails. Bicycles are not allowed on the Cascade Streamwatch Trail, the Wildwood Wetland Trail, or on unpaved forest trails. Please follow the guidelines below:

* Obey traffic signs and use hand signals when riding in traffic.
* Be courteous and remember pedestrians have the right of way.
* Please park and lock bicycles without blocking trails, picnic areas or other facilities.

Swimming Holes - (0)

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During the spring and summer months, the Salmon River is a refreshing, cool and inviting place to wade or swim.
Be aware that water conditions such as temperature, flow levels, currents and exposed rocks may change daily creating hazards for swimmers. Do not dive from the shore or bridge. There are no designated swimming areas or lifeguards.

There are no points within 15 miles of this point.

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