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Hubbards Cave Colorado

Submitted By: Mapper on 16 Nov 2006

GPS Coordinates

Latitude: 39.56355
Longitude: -107.2223

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To get there, go south out of Glenwood Springs on Hwy 82 and turn left on Red Canyon Road. At N39 30.913 W107 15.910 turn left. Then right at N39 31.671 W107 15.419 to the parking area. This is where the four-wheeling begins. The trail is about four miles, heading northeast to Deadmans Creek, where the trail becomes very hilly. At N39 33.347 W107 13.117 you reach another parking area. From here, follow the hiking trail north about 1/3 mile to the cave. After exiting the cave, continue a short distance to the east and check out Ice Cave, a single tunnel which sometimes has ice in its farthest reaches.

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Hubbards Cave is a terrific beginner's cave. Most of the passage is big, walking passage. There are some squeezing opportunities to reach the most decorated parts of the cave, the stunning Grape Room and the Gypsum Room, which contains some of the best gypsum flowers we've ever seen.

Getting to the cave requires some four-wheeling on a steep, sometimes muddy trail. It is widely believed that getting back out on this road would be impossible given enough rainfall. The cave is located high on the southern rim of Glenwood Canyon, in Deadman's Gulch.

Special thanks to cavesr4all.com for this information!

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