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Jump Creek Idaho

Submitted By: elconquistador13 on 13 Aug 2008

GPS Coordinates

Latitude: 43.481138
Longitude: -116.924443

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To get there: From Boise take westbound Interstate 84. Take the Nampa exit to Highway 55 and go through Marsing. Continue 1.5 miles past the Highway 95 intersection, turn left onto Cemetery Road. Travel another 1.5 miles and turn left (south) on Jump Creek Road and head for the mouth of the canyon which is visible in the distance.

Canyoneering - (0)

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Near the canyon's mouth, Jump Creek flows over a 60-foot cliff into a large pool. If you cross the creek just below the pool and head up the hill there is a crack which you can climb to access the canyon above the falls. The BLM brochure calls it "Devil's Ladder" The canyon is small and technical, thick vegetation and steep, slippery slopes make for a challenging trip.

Swimming Holes - (0)

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At the base of the falls there is a large pool to take a swim. I've seen people that climb around the back of the falls and jump down into the pool. I think that is why it is called jump creek. It doesn't look very safe but there is a lot of people who do it.

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If you don't want to climb "Devil's Ladder" there is a trail to the west of the canyon that stays above the rim providing excellent views of the falls and canyon formations.

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There are cliffs everywhere(up to 600ft tall) and on Google earth there is a picture of the falls frozen in the winter creating a large ice wall.

Jump Crick, Idaho
Distance: 4.49 mi
Activities: Canyoneering

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Jump Creek Falls

Jump Creek Falls
Here is a picture of Jump Creek Falls.