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Lee County Back Trail Kentucky

Submitted By: rptyd on 1 Sep 2008

GPS Coordinates

Latitude: 37.482368
Longitude: -83.829932

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From IdaMay take R. on 587. Go through Delvinta and right after you cross bridge (Big Sturgeon Creek) hang left on Earnestville rd./ You'll pass one hm. on right then a fenced horse encloser after that it's all gravel and dirt. Follow straight and cross creek (actually through it) then you will begin a steep incline with lots of hardwood and pine. At the top it levels out and opens up into an area that was strip mined many years ago.There are several ways to go, but all county property and no one there.(no permission needed) There is one cemetery up there, just please respect the dead. These are back roads and hills great for 4 wheelers and dirt biking. If it has rained recently some of the holes need to be watched or you'll be pushing your way through. This location is a blast and you can go from one county to the next with lots of dirt and mud. Wildlife abounds, especially when they see you coming.GPS Coordinates for the bottom of the incline. Lat/37.482368xLon/83.829932

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The detail is on the directions but as you go down eanestville you'll notice a circle on the river to your left, good roads for regular vehicle at that point. Nice camping area and you can drop your toys there to ride. It's off the beaten path and the fishing is good too.

There are no points within 15 miles of this point.

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