40 Horse Cave Idaho

Submitted By: jaysolo on 31 May 2009

Latitude: 43.27933
Longitude: -111.944675
Follow Ammon rode South to Wolverine Rode.
Take a right turn follow till the creek runs under the rode park their and its a hike up the trail on the right side of road pretty steep hike.


Wolverine Canyon, Idaho
Distance: 1.92 mi
Activities: Backcountry Skiing
Blackfoot River Crossing @ Trail Creek Rd, Idaho
Distance: 10.27 mi
Activities: Camping
Firth River Bottoms, Idaho
Distance: 12.85 mi
Activities: Hiking & Backpacking, Camping, Canoeing

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Steep uphill hike to large opening in the mountain. Flash lights not nesesary. Cave is only 25 ft deep.

There are two stories to the origin of the 40 horse cave. The first story claims that there was a bad storm and two guys had 40 horses that they drove up in to the cave to protect. This is not very believeable due to the terrain of getting to the cave.

The other story is not nearly as fun, but makes more sense. The same two guys were in a bad storm and went to the cave. One of them commented to the other, "This cave could hold about 40 horses." Thus the name 40 horse cave.

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