Cave Falls Yellowstone Wyoming

Submitted By: Tree Mover on 7 Jun 2010

Latitude: 44.142803
Longitude: -110.998848
From Ashton Idaho take Highway 47 East.
The road will take a 90 degree turn north about 4 miles out of town.
Turn right on the next right. This is Cave Falls road or 1400 N. Follow this road to the very end. It is paved, then gravel, and then paved again once you get to Wyoming.


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Activities: Swimming Holes, Canoeing, Camping
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river at bear gulch, Idaho
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Activities: ATV/Motorcycle, Hiking & Backpacking, Camping

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There is not a lot of hiking to do at Cave Falls. It's more of a short walk, but a great "hike" for children. The trail can be pretty slippery due to mist from the waterfall.

There are two separate waterfalls that can be viewed right from the parking lot. Cave Falls itself is a 250 wide 20 foot drop of water, and then a shorter waterfall of about 5 feet further downstream.

Cave Falls gets it's name from the cave that used to be located right next to the waterfall. Yellowstone officials believe that Cave Falls caved in around February of 2008. There is still a small outcropping where the cave used to be, but the trail is closed off to get over to it.

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"Hiking" at Cave Falls Yellowstone

Cave Falls Yellowstone

"Hiking" at Cave Falls Yellowstone
My son, grandsons, and I at Cave Falls in Yellowstone National Park. Very rainy, slippery day.