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Cedar Creek Falls California

Submitted By: DanielDany on 14 Jul 2010

GPS Coordinates

Latitude: 32.989876
Longitude: -116.729822

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Julian, CA:
Take 78 West out of Julian one mile.
Turn left on pine hills road.
Right on Eagle Peak Rd. Go to the end of the dirt road. You'll see the trailhead on the right.

Ramona, CA:
Easiest way is to just use Google maps to search directions to 32.994998,-116.7600001 to get to the trailhead.

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Cedar Creek Falls swimming hole is hard to get to and out of, but WAY worth it. There is a 90 ft waterfall with a swimming hole pool at the bottom. The water isn't real deep, about 7 feet at high water, but some people jump off feet first from the cliffs. Although I wouldn't recommend it. I also recommend swimming shoes or flip flops as it appears some drunk people didn't know where else to put their empty bottles except in the bottom of the pool.

This is a great place to just chill with some friends, bring a picnic, and cool off. A lot of people visit this place so it won't be very secluded most of the time. Cedar Creek often dries up in Mid summer so best to go in the Spring and there are less people Cedar Creek in the cooler spring weather.

If you don't read the hiking description, note this: BRING WATER and lots of it. The trail is killer. Also, remember to hike out your trash. The place can get pretty trashy looking because a lot of people just litter.

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Ceder creek falls is awesome while you are at the swimming hole and waterfall. Definately better in early spring. We saw a snake down by the water, but it wasn't poisonous. Definately fun place to swim.

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Cedar Creek Falls requires a pretty rigorous hike in and out to get to the swimming hole. Best advice I can give is to wear good hiking boots or shoes, and bring lots of water. Try not to drink too much on the way in, because you'll want the majority of it for the way out.

The hike itself is open and exposed to the sun the basically the entire time. You do get a good view of Mildred Falls on the opposite side of the valley. The vertical gain/loss of this hike is over 1000 ft, so prepare yourself.

There really are two trails that lead to Ceder Creek Falls. The hike from the Ramona side is "easier" and quicker to get to, but that being said, it is not easy. The Ramona trail is also not marked as well as the other and actually requires you to cross over private property.

There are no points within 15 miles of this point.

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