Agua Caliente Hot Springs Arizona

Submitted By: DanielDany on 15 Jul 2010

Latitude: 31.696423
Longitude: -110.963502
From Tucson:
Take I-19 South and take Exit 48.
Go east on Warnaca Rd. east
Then south on East Frontage Rd. which runs next to I-19 (along I-19).
Go to Amado and turn left on Amado-Mantosa Rd. When this road ends, turn right on Amado Rd. then turn left again on Forest Rd 184
You'll cross some railroad tracks. Keep going till you get to Mt. Hopkins Rd. heading toward the observatory. Before you reach the visitors center at the bottom of Mount Hopkins, you'll see a dirt road to the left. Agua Caliente Hot Springs is down this road about 1/4 mile at the bottom. Park here or drive down.


There are no points within 15 miles of this point.

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Agua Caliente Hot Springs is an undeveloped warm spring. The temperature of the water is right around 90 degrees F. It is an intermittent spring that bubbles up out of the ground. I'd bring a swimsuit to this one as it is pretty close to the road and you may find others in the area quite often. There are palm trees all around and it truly feels like a desert oasis.

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