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Mill Creek Swimming Hole Utah

Submitted By: keith on 29 Jan 2007

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Latitude: 38.565769
Longitude: -109.4965

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You just follow the trail that goes along the stream.Stay to the left when the canyon splits. The swimming hole is a good sized pool that has cliffs surrounding it. There is a small waterfall were the stream drops into the pool.

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It is a little bit of a hike to get there but it is well worth it on a hot summer day in Moab. A note of caution, clothes are sometimes optional.

Swimming Holes Reviews for Mill Creek Swimming Hole Utah
This is what happens when you share something special on line. The following is a letter to the editor of our local paper in Moab.

Apparently spray paint on the rocks in Left Hand is just the beginning. Out for a Saturday morning creek walk, we discovered a mob scene of out of state license plates at Powerhouse this past weekend. Our special summer watering hole that locals have kept secret for thousands of years, seems to have been published in a guidebook.
Tripping over people trying to skirt the narrow passages, making way for the idiots with broken ankles being hauled to ambulances waiting at Potato Salad Hill, we negotiated our way through the growing number of trails, past the pool and hundreds of people, to find a quiet respite beneath the shamanic figures facing the once inhabited alcove across the upper canyon. Graffiti scratched beneath the figures wasn't there the week before. All of this is sacrilege to a place many of us consider sacred.
Is there some way to stop the presses, print retractions, or nip this in the bud? Can the county file suit to have the writer and publisher pay the cost of damages to sensitive public lands; or the cost to taxpayers for extra police presence, EMTs and search and rescue personnel; or the construction of public restrooms, barricades and trail development that will be required to mitigate this unfolding disaster?
Perhaps if there is no legal recourse, we could publish our own guidebook directing everyone to the natural hotsprings that have bubbled up into the backyards of the writer and publisher... or to the rare night blooming hallucinogenic flora that can only be found there. ...... Rob Kerchen

There is more to this letter , but I think you get the drift. I am just another local in Moab and I am sending this to every website I can find online that promotes sensitive places to the masses. And in doing so destroys them. If you are so lucky to fing such a place enjoy it but dont
destroy it by sending the hordes. Last weekend alone several people had to be rescued out of Mill Creek with broken ankles and other injuries. Just some concerned citizen B. Mason


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