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Marion Co. Fish & Game Indiana

Submitted By: kylep on 13 Aug 2011

GPS Coordinates

Latitude: 39.800772
Longitude: -86.277931

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From 456 take the crawfordsville rd exit, park at the waterfront cross 136. 2 trail heads are located in the tree lines across the street less than 100 ft from the stop light.

Camping - (0)

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take the trail head closest to the interstate. follow the trail taking a left then a right, take a right at the fallen tree that you go under, go down the hill, ground starts to become sandy here follow until you see a break through the trees, this is the river's flood plain through the woods, good back country up river. come out of the tree line, hit up the sand bar, cross the river go down the other side east until you find a primitive camp site on top of the dirt drop off. 4-5 ft climb, easy hike 600ft from trail head. Alternate routes through game trails. watch out for the poison ivy. The best campfire wood is going to be located on the North Side of the river, or after the break in the treeline on the south end (100+ ft) Lots of rotting wood so check before you start hauling a ton.

Hiking & Backpacking - (0)

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Trails are ok if there isnt anywhere else to go. dense primary growth but the trails are well established through a small tract of old growth. Some edibles throughout.
IMPORTANT! Marion Co. Fish and Game shoot skeet on Thrusday nights!!!!! listen for the shotgun blast, then for the bird shot. Trails can be navigated while they are shooting but is ill advised for recreation. If your going to the campsite then just hide behind a tree or wait for reloading.

Mountain Biking - (0)

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Not bad for mtn bikes, people ride quads through there so its mainly dual single track to just really wide single track. slightly bermed out turns at some places, some roots, not technical at all. grade ranges from dirt to rail road rock. very small hills.

Swimming Holes - (0)

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Swim in the river.

There are no points within 15 miles of this point.

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