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Stinking Spring Idaho

Submitted By: frogpacker on 10 Apr 2008

GPS Coordinates

Latitude: 43.608954
Longitude: -111.647186

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Drive past Heise Hot Springs and follow the Burns Creek road about a mile, there is a large parking lot to the right and the trail is well marked on the left side of the road.

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The trail starts going up a the stinking creek canyon and continues steeply uphill, about 3 miles you come out on the backside of the Kelly Canyon Ski resort where you can walk down the "Moose" ski slope to the Kelly Canyon Parking lot.

Kelly Island Campground, Idaho
Distance: 1.29 mi
Activities: Camping
Wolf Flat, Idaho
Distance: 1.95 mi
Activities: Camping
Paramount Wall / Blanche Rock, Idaho
Distance: 2.08 mi
Activities: Rock / Ice Climbing, Camping, Horseback
Elephant Rock Near Heise, Idaho
Distance: 2.31 mi
Activities: Rock / Ice Climbing
Kelly Canyon Ski Resort, Idaho
Distance: 2.71 mi
Activities: Alpine Resort Skiing
Big Feeder, Idaho
Distance: 2.78 mi
Activities: Kayak Park & Play
Kelly Canyon Loop, Idaho
Distance: 2.80 mi
Activities: Mountain Biking
Biking at Kellys, Idaho
Distance: 2.80 mi
Activities: Mountain Biking
Heise Hot Springs, Idaho
Distance: 3.06 mi
Activities: Swimming Holes, Camping
Table Rock / Poison Flat Campground, Idaho, Idaho
Distance: 3.25 mi
Activities: Camping
Cress Creek Nature Trail, Idaho
Distance: 4.96 mi
Activities: Hiking & Backpacking
Herbert Idaho Ghost Town, Idaho
Distance: 6.82 mi
Activities: Hiking & Backpacking
Twin Bridges, Idaho
Distance: 7.37 mi
Activities: Canoeing, Camping
Burns Canyon, Idaho
Distance: 8.68 mi
Activities: Mountain Biking, Hiking & Backpacking
Rigby Wave-45th Wave, Idaho
Distance: 9.01 mi
Activities: Kayak Park & Play
Blacktail Lake, Idaho
Distance: 9.28 mi
Activities: Canoeing, Swimming Holes
Moody Meadows, Idaho
Distance: 10.39 mi
Activities: Camping
Rigby Fairgrounds Wave, Idaho
Distance: 14.15 mi
Activities: Kayak Park & Play
Lookout, Idaho
Distance: 14.15 mi
Activities: ATV/Motorcycle
Rigby Lake Beach, Idaho
Distance: 14.28 mi
Activities: Camping, Canoeing, Swimming Holes

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