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Big Elk Creek Idaho

Submitted By: Mapper on 28 Jun 2006

GPS Coordinates

Latitude: 43.3223
Longitude: -111.11771

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Going east on US 26 turn left at campground sign onto Forest 262 (it's a dirt road) and go about 1.5 miles to campground.

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The campground is near Palisades Reservoir, but does not have direct access to the lake. There are about 20 different campsites for trailers or tents. It is in a forested area. Lots of fishing in the area.

The campground has a daily fee. There are tables and fire pits. There is an RV waste station down the road by the Palisades Dam Power Plant.

Calamity Campground , Idaho
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Bear Creek Campground at Palisades, Idaho
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Indian Creek Campground (Palisades), Idaho
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Palisades Hot springs, Idaho
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Bear Creek Hot Springs, Idaho
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Palisades Lakes and Waterfall Canyon, Idaho
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Palisades Creek Trail, Idaho
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Activities: Hiking & Backpacking
Alpine Campground, Wyoming
Distance: 9.47 mi
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