Palisades Hot springs Idaho

Submitted By: aadamp on 5 Jun 2008

Latitude: 43.239826
Longitude: -111.130915
Get off highway 26 just before indian creek. You have to cross the lake with a boat or something and then on the banks of the other side.

Indian Creek Campground (Palisades), Idaho
Distance: 3.56 mi
Activities: Camping, Swimming Holes, Horseback, Hiking & Backpacking
Alpine Campground, Wyoming
Distance: 5.37 mi
Activities: Camping
Big Elk Creek, Idaho
Distance: 5.73 mi
Activities: Camping
Bear Creek Campground at Palisades, Idaho
Distance: 7.38 mi
Activities: Camping, Horseback, Mountain Biking, Hiking & Backpacking
Palisades Lakes and Waterfall Canyon, Idaho
Distance: 11.56 mi
Activities: Hiking & Backpacking, Camping, Horseback
Palisades Creek Trail, Idaho
Distance: 11.59 mi
Activities: Hiking & Backpacking
Taco/ Burrito, Wyoming
Distance: 14.28 mi
Activities: Kayak Park & Play
Winter Wave, Wyoming
Distance: 14.65 mi
Activities: Kayak Park & Play

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In this area there are places where their is hot water that just comes out of the side of the mountain and into the lake. There are usually other boats there as well, that is one good way to find it. The water that comes out is really hot, but when it gets to the lake water it is really nice. Many people make their own little hot tubs there.

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