Niagara Gorge - Steel Stairs Ontario

Submitted By: wolfmaan on 1 Jul 2008

Latitude: 43.136569
Longitude: -79.049678
The Steel Stairs of the Niagara Gorge are located across from the butterfly conservatory on the Niagara Parkway, in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada. There is ample parking and a totem-pole exhibit and large picnic pavilions in the small park area infront of the stairs.

Niagara Gorge Wooden Stairs, Ontario
Distance: 1.53 mi
Activities: Rock / Ice Climbing, Mountain Biking, Hiking & Backpacking, Caving / Spelunking
St. Lawrence Seway Land & Ruins, Ontario
Distance: 6.82 mi
Activities: Mountain Biking, Horseback, Hiking & Backpacking
Short Hills Provincial Park, Ontario
Distance: 12.24 mi
Activities: Canoeing, Mountain Biking, Horseback, Hiking & Backpacking, Cross-Country Skiing
Secluded Island in the heart of Niagara, Ontario
Distance: 14.33 mi
Activities: Canoeing

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Along this section of the Niagara Gorge, there can be found small crevasses, and small caves to explore if you are fortunate enough to find them.

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Descending the steel stairs of the Niagara Gorge you will find access to dozens of trails which criss cross this amazing and picturesque area.

Giant house-sized boulders dot the landscape as they have broken away from the gorge walls over time.

Unusual and rare flowers and ferns can be found throughout the gorge.

The trails can be demanding - especially the hike back up the big set of steel steps but can be done in Tevas or barefoot for the hardy. The trails are well marked and easy to navigate.

There can be a lot of hikers on these trails in the warm months, and you can make your way off-trail down to the edge of the mighty and deadly rapids of the Niagara river to stand in awe of it's power.

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