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Balls Falls Conservation Area Ontario

Submitted By: wolfmaan on 1 Jul 2008

GPS Coordinates

Latitude: 43.132811
Longitude: -79.382915

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Located in Jordan Ontario, off highway 8, Balls Falls Conservation area is well marked.

From the Q.E.W. Take exit 57 for Victoria Ave/RR-24 toward Vineland

Turn right at S Service Rd

Turn left at Victoria Ave

Turn left at 6th Ave

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Balls Falls Conservation Area is a wonderful day-tripping area which has easy trails you can do in Tevas or barefoot as well as two good sized waterfalls to enjoy.

There are also lots of historic buildings in the area you can view when the park is closed (which it normally is)


The hiking trails to the upper waterfall is divided into two sections. A West side and an East Side.

The West trail is about 1km and is very easy as it is a stone-packed trail but takes you through various ruins and such of the old mill and then up to the top of the "upper falls" You can't get to the base of the falls on this trail.

The East side trail is quite a bit more challenging and also about 1km long. The trail comes out at the base of the falls an d allows you to gain access right to the water. When the falls is in heavy flow, it is possible to get behind the falls to a very shallow hollow.


The Lower falls are about 20m high and at full flow can be a beautiful spectacle to see in late spring.

Passing through the North section of the park, you will come to a fenceline where you can see the lower falls.

Sometimes the fence has an opening and you can get through it to get to a very steep and rocky incline of about 50 degrees or steeper to get yourself to the bottom of the lower falls. This is the quickest and easiest way.

The correct way is to drive past Balls Falls on 6th avenue until you come to Glen road and turn LEFT. Follow Glen Road until you come to a bend in the road where there is parking. Just behind the parking lot is a medium to difficult trail you can follow through the gorge carved by the falls thousands of years ago and it takes you directly to the base of the lower falls. For sights and hiking, starting at glen road is much more of a challenge and enjoyable route. Unfortunately camping is prohibited here and it's only good for a day hike.

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